The Bridge of Deaths


Psychics are a phenomena that I have explored since I was 16. At the time I lived in the Washington D.C. area and had a high school friend whose father was the ambassador for the Dominican Republic. Laughing and reading my horoscope from a magazine my friend told me that she did not believe in any of that but that the cook at the embassy was  well-known in Santo Domingo as a fortuneteller. The lady was a smiling beaming ray of light, she made me feel at ease, did not ask for or expect any payment and frankly I do not remember if she read my palm, or used cards. Two years later when I was laying in a hospital bed in France, with plenty of time to think, I remembered much of what the lady predicted- this included an automobile accident in a faraway land around the age of 18. I was not driving I had had no control over my fate to make this happen. Once I was healthy I read a few books on astrology, palmistry and any other psychic phenomena I found interesting.
Through the years I have met many good psychics, and realized that my dearest friend from childhood is one! So when I felt blocked by my lack of knowledge in what I was researching it felt very natural to seek the help of Psychics.  There were several psychics used to research The Bridge of Deaths; all of them are acknowledged in the back of the book. Most of them helped through the use of psychometry, this is done by holding an object and describing what is seen or heard. The only difference between the narrative of any of the psychics (some prefer to be known as reverend, intuitive, healer, Shaman) was in what each one chose to give details about. Their stories were however the same. In the course of the research I have had one strict rule not to work with any psychic who asked  for information (other than my date of birth) before they provided information, and I have frankly made it difficult even for the psychics I have come to trust. This was done in part to give my research some form of validation inasmuch as it was done because I am by nature very skeptical.

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