Hunt of the Gods
Brothers #2
by Amy Braun
Genres: Adult,Urban Fantasy


Publication date:
June 4th 2019


Two months have passed since Derek Areios—war-scion and heir of
Ares—and the band of rogue scions he’s aligned with recovered
both the Thunderbolt of Zeus and the Heart of the Devourer and
returned them to the Gods. During the battle, Derek discovered he
could control not only the element of fire, as all war-scions can,
but also the dark element “aether,” making him the only scion
alive to wield two types of elemental magic.
Commanded by Zeus
to retrieve the Trinity Weapons and the Shards of Cronus, Derek and
the rogue scions are thwarted in their goal by a gang of water-scions
with a grudge against one of the rogues—Thea, heir of Poseidon.
Both groups travel to an uninhabited island to recover one of the
Shards––the Eye that belonged to Cronus, King of the Titans. But
what they encounter will lead them down a path of brutal betrayals,
hard truths, painful memories, and desperate actions.
angry and impatient gods breathing down his neck, a curse that allows
Ares to control him, a prophecy he’s desperate to avoid, a magic
spear corrupting his thoughts, and two forms of elemental magic,
Derek has a lot of baggage—and a lot of power. Will the price of
using that power to satisfy the Gods be too much for him to
Mythological monsters, explosive magic, and devastating
truths take center stage in the second novel of the action-packed
AREIOS BROTHERS series from Amy Braun.


You can find book 1, Storm of the Gods here!
is a Canadian urban fantasy and horror author. Her work revolves
around monsters, magic, mythology, and mayhem. She started writing in
her early teens, and never stopped. She loves building unique worlds
filled with fun characters and intense action. She is an active
member of the Weekend Writing Warrior community.



she isn’t writing, she’s reading, watching movies, taking photos,
gaming, struggling with chocoholism and ice cream addiction, and
diving headfirst into danger in Dungeons & Dragons campaigns




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