A Decent WomanA Decent Woman by Eleanor Parker Sapia
My rating: 5 of 5 stars
A Decent Woman is historical, folkloric, transformative book. The storyline is clever and smart, simply put a fabulous story. Where there is suffering, poverty and hardship with beautiful writing the book sheds light and hope. The writing is indeed so beautiful that I found myself re-reading some sentences because they impacted me so. In the face of suffering friends support each other in a most loving way.
The book addresses hard subjects and I fact checked, this is an impressively researched piece, weaving in the historical data makes the story real and palpable. I found particularly interesting how clever the wide variety of characters who ranged in such a wide spectrum of the socio-economic strata developed; Complex characters full of depth that allowed for the story to surprise me as a reader.
The folklore both from the Caribbean and Africa was fascinating. I felt it gave added depth to the characters, especially Ana. The secrets of her past unravel in a clever way; this book is well written, clever and as with fantastic fiction very believable.
I have only visited Puerto Rico once years ago, this book made me long to make the next visit soon targeting history and folklore.

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