Nature’s Engineers: Bird Nests

The Transient Biologist

Animals have been building nests for millions of years, there are even fossil records of dinosaur nests! Over time nests have become very complex and from birds to turtles to termites and wasps there is beauty, diversity and much to be learned from these structures!

When we hear the word “nest” we tend to think of a standard woven cup structure built by a song bird of some sort, but there is an amazing amount of diversity in nests; materials, shape, strength, size that we don’t necessarily think about.

There is quite a bit of evidence for evolution in bird nests. Some ground nesting birds don’t build nests at all, others make small depressions by rubbing their breast into the ground. Some birds make stick nests either on the ground or in trees and others weave together materials into some of the more complex animal built structures. Birds are always competing for resources, and…

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Atonement TN Meets the Ice Dragon

Teagan's Books

Saturday, January 5, 2018

I had the next episode of Copper, the Alchemist, and the Woman in Trousers ready to post today.  Instead, we’re visiting Atonement, TN.  Why?  Diana Wallace Peach started a new monthly feature at her blog, Myths of the Mirror.  I caved into the temptation to play along. Click the link to learn more. 

Diana issued this lovely image as a prompt. I mistakenly thought she titled it “Ice Dragon” but that was actually the first reply to her prompt… Okay, so I’ve got a lot going on… and I’m blind as a bat too. (eye roll) So, now she has two “Ice Dragon” responses.  My bad.  What’s done is done.

stefan keller ice giant pixabayStefan Keller, Pixabay

I made mine part of my “Atonement, Tennessee” universe.  I’ll leave Ralda Lawton to tell you about it.


Shivering uncontrollably, I stiffly swung my legs off the bed.  The floor was…

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I loved
the way author Elaine Viets gives her protagonist Angela Richman a keen mind despite
her health vulnerabilities. I found the characters believable, which was impressive
as she tackled a variety of ages and socio-economic strata. The missing girl,
Julie is in her teens, as are her friends and there is a nice array of adult
secrecy of the wealthy makes the investigation’s twists and turns believable
and the settings often opulent.
I love
to guess the ending and this one stumped me. I loved the paperback copy I
bought at Murder on the Beach Mystery Bookstore in Delray Beach, Florida.


Ice Blonde

(Angela Richman, Death Investigator #3)

 4.41  ·   Rating details ·  37 ratings  ·  10 reviews
The last thing Chouteau County death investigator Angela Richman wants to do during the holidays is her job. So it’s with some trepidation that she agrees to help the desperate Mr. and Mrs. LaRouche when they show up on her doorstep.Their daughter Juliet is missing. She was last seen leaving a high school party just before midnight, and they’d like Angela’s help getting their trusted local detectives involved. The officer assigned to the case—Chouteau newcomer Det. Jace Budewitz—is far too blunt and impolite for their liking. And with the weather murderously cold, they can’t bear the thought that their little princess is in the harsh winter wilderness.

Discreetly investigating Juliet’s disappearance, Angela finds herself struggling to break through the silence from the rich teenagers who knew Juliet and their infuriatingly detached parents. She also discovers that their vicious bias against the local working class has cast a shadow over the case.

The more she digs, the less Angela can comprehend the lengths the one percent will go to protect their own. Angela must work quickly as she searches for answers with the acute awareness that Juliet LaRouche edges closer to becoming just a memory…




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Death of a Sculptor

In Hue, Shape and Color by

M.C.V. Egan

Murder Story

141 pages

Bruce Jones, an extremely famous sculptor, is dead on Palm Beach. At the funeral, his eldest daughter Clair — herself a famous actress and her brother Aaron, an attorney– take control of the arrangements

and all four (yes, four!) ex-wives are seated in the same back pew while all the children from the various marriages are up front.

Bruce is a passionate man who loves deeply — for seven years. Then he moves on. Each wife is wooed while becoming his muse of the moment. Each wife is assigned a color in his sketches. The fifth and current Mrs. Jones is behaving oddly and suddenly all the wives realize the sketch of his newest work is none of them!
This bewitchingly clever story in 141 pages is told in the voices of each of the eighteen people involved — with the underlying message of the importance of family – both born and chosen. It’s an important message.
I loved this book and highly recommend it!