Death of a Sculptor

In Hue, Shape and Color by

M.C.V. Egan

Murder Story

141 pages

Bruce Jones, an extremely famous sculptor, is dead on Palm Beach. At the funeral, his eldest daughter Clair — herself a famous actress and her brother Aaron, an attorney– take control of the arrangements

and all four (yes, four!) ex-wives are seated in the same back pew while all the children from the various marriages are up front.

Bruce is a passionate man who loves deeply — for seven years. Then he moves on. Each wife is wooed while becoming his muse of the moment. Each wife is assigned a color in his sketches. The fifth and current Mrs. Jones is behaving oddly and suddenly all the wives realize the sketch of his newest work is none of them!
This bewitchingly clever story in 141 pages is told in the voices of each of the eighteen people involved — with the underlying message of the importance of family – both born and chosen. It’s an important message.
I loved this book and highly recommend it!