C is for Conflict and CREATIVITY


CONFLICT and CREATIVITY are the BIG Cs when writing. I like my characters to have inner conflicts that reflect introspection and that create growth as stories unfold.

These are obvious Cs for the Challenge and to be honest, I toyed with many others, but at the end of the day, I am looking for defining ways and there is nothing that defines characters or individuals more than the way they react to CONFLICT!

And nothing Defines a writer more than the creative way with which the story is spun.



Outer conflicts with interaction are key in storylines. In Defined by Others Anne and Connie have their share of inner and outer conflicts.





2 thoughts on “C is for Conflict and CREATIVITY

  1. I love a bit of conflict, both as a reader and a writer. The story can get a little stale if there is no conflict for the characters

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