I had a great LONG  interview with TOI THOMAS in 2013

Toinette Thomas

Published on Aug 27, 2013

Video Schedule
Who is Catalina Egan?- 00:25
So whacha got for me today?- 02:12
So who’s staring in this book?- 07:15
About your writing method- 13:32
Who influenced your writing?- 14:49
Whose brain r u itching 2 scratch?- 18:52
Who is so you?- 20:33
Ideal reading spot- 22:54

Favorite book pre-teen years- 25:49
One movie for the rest of your life- 31:32
What makes you geek out?- 32:17
Music question- 35:51
What’s testing your patience?- 38:41
What does the future hold?- 42:17
Most fun you ever had- 50:44
LAST: question for Toi Thomas- 57:04
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