The Hunt 2 by L.E. Perez

The Hunt 2 (Thrill of the Hunt #2)

by L.E. Perez

Kelly Abell

T.M. Witko,

Susan Burdorf,

J. Nichole Parkins

Laura Stapleton

Kristin Durfee

Miranda Nading

A.L. Awtrey

L. Marshall James


Cindy Smith‘s review

Sep 29, 2016


it was amazing
Read from September 23 to 27, 2016


Wow! I received and Advance Copy of this book for a review. It is not something I normally would do as I do not accept free books. However, since this is to help St. Jude’s Hospital, I figured I could always buy the book when it comes out too. It will be a purchase I am glad to make! This collection is awesome! Such a diverse sampling of styles and genres! It starts with a bit of Paranormal with L. E. Perez’s story When They Call. Sam dies and is brought back after a motorcycle accident. The voices and headaches torture her to the point she seeks mystic help. The twist at the end was so unexpected and is just a taste of what is in store!Monster in the Woods by Kelly Abell shows us evil in the shape of a human. Graham is a teen on a camping trip when he discovers a cabin in the woods. The horror inside leads him to become something not even he expected.

Horror in Grieselton~TM Witko Awesome story about a therapy patient who may not really be imagining things. What if the devils they see are real?

Gone Fishing~Susan Burdorf This is a quick tale about a murder at a resort. Well written and again, an unexpected revelation.
Reflected~J. Nichole Parkins This touched me as I read it a day or two after I wrote a poem about the person in the mirror. Cosmic tingles. Merigold’s reflection seems to be alive, but what does she really want?

Escape~Laura Stapleton This story is scary because it would probably happen just like she has written it. The earth is dying and the only hope for humanity is to find habitable planets elsewhere. But, is everyone on the same page?

11:34~L Marshall James A child’s taunt has caused torment for the new kid in town. She is told a lady haunts her house. When she gets angry for being teased, a lady starts appearing in her doorway every night. Moving after a horrific murder does not get rid of the lady. What is her real reason for being there?

Revenge from Within~Kristin Durfee Vigilante justice! What a twist!!! Loved this!
Game Night~Miranda Nading A group of older women gather each week to play poker. One night, Ruth finds an expensive chess piece near her gate. The members of the group start being murdered, and they are holding a piece from the same set. Will they figure out who is responsible before it is too late? Amazing how we take stuff for granted until it is threatened or completely taken from us.

When the Water Burns~A.L. Awtrey This is another favorite as I love mythology. Can Tomas save Kyla from Veto. Or is the water elemental spirit lost to her own fascination?
This anthology has the works of some very talented authors. The writing is as diverse as the topics. Together for a great cause, they deserve kudos!

I tried very hard not to give any spoilers!