In the spirit of being realistic, I chose to invite an author whose love story kicks off with the setting of sports; which was a very clever way to infuse sexual tension in the characters. I liked that it is a story of mature love, people who are aware of who they are, but who are flawed and make things interesting.

Here is one male reader’s opinion, my review and a couple of questions answered by the author.

☆☆☆☆☆☆Well written tale with interesting characters! Check it out!

Most guys probably aren’t going to think to pick this book up and give it a read. Well, you’d be missing a great opportunity if you pass this one by! What Ms. Thatcher has done is breathe new life into an old topic – romance. The blending of sports, the legal profession and the love of a cherished pet, among many other elements, gives this story a great lift. The story starts off at, of all places, a softball game, yet Ms. Thatcher does not lack the skill to describe this game. We then shift to following the lives, and eventual romance of the two lead characters, Liz and Ty. We can empathize quite heavily with both of them, with their foibles and their scars they’ve carried through life. The imagery that describes the greater Boston area is superb. The story probably succeeds most frequently in presenting characters we really want to get to know – real people. There’s no effort spared to give even the lesser characters some kind of personality. I was particularly amused following the exploits of Angie and her family. So don’t pass up the opportunity to read an entertaining and well-crafted story. Looking forward to more good work from Ms. Thatcher!


☆☆☆☆☆☆ 5.0 out of 5 starsTrue love conquers all

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Liz and Ty are complex adults. Their relationship deals with issues such as alcoholism, sexual abuse and cancer. A blend of lighthearted loving moments weaving together harsh realities in life.
Clever wit with the backdrop of sports and courtrooms. The secondary characters are a nice blend that compliments Liz and Tyrone’ s journey through These Foolish Things.

susan-thatcherHi Susan and welcome to my blog. I read These Foolish Things and the sequel a few weeks ago and I have a few questions.
– Is Baseball/softball your favorite sport? I like how you opened the book and sexual tension with it. 

Yes. I have been a Red Sox fan all my life and I played softball in high school and on a corporate team. I was not good, but I love the sport.
-I believe We all bear scars, your characters have very physical scars; i.e. Cancer and Alcoholism. Was it hard to deal with the subjects?
 In regard to scars: writing about these issues helped me process a lot of my experience. I come from a family with alcoholism. Some got help and others stayed in their denial. It’s like growing up in a minefield.
-Do you think there is the ONE person out there for us, or the possibility of several potential great loves in our life?
The ONE v several: that question sparks almost as much controversy as the proper method for hanging toilet paper. I don’t think there’s a single answer to that.

Thank you very much for your perspective. It takes a lot of courage to tackle the issues you tackled in your writing and I love that you wrapped it all in a love story.


These Foolish Things by Susan-Thatcher

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“At Last” picks up where “These Foolish Things” leaves off. Elizabeth Gardner and Ty Hadley seem destined for “happily ever after,” but fate has challenges in store that could tear them apart. Is their love strong enough to survive?