APRIL 1st SALE $.99 No Fooling Devil’s Dance: A Gripping Supernatural Thriller (A Nephilim Thriller Book 2)

A former spy with a dark secret and a past he can’t outrun.
A mysterious cult that steals beautiful teenagers. A looming battle
between the forces of light and dark, and the girl who drags them into
the middle of it all.

D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review,
“Readers who enjoy an injection of the supernatural
rather than a story based entirely on otherworldly forces will appreciate just the right blend of paranormal tension and intrigue that bring this thriller to life…. [A] vivid, winning tale of a former
couple’s confrontation with themselves, each other, and a wider-ranging
threat that grabs the reader from the beginning and proves nearly
impossible to put down. Thriller audiences will find Devil’s
more than a notch above others in the genre.” [Pick of
the Month – September 2018]

WINNER: Pinnacle Book Achievement Award – Summer 2018 –
Best Thriller

Steven Cabbott sees demons, and has even had to fight a few. That might have something to do with his past. His mother killed his father when Steven was young, claiming he was a demon. He figured she was nuts. Now he’s not so certain.

Sixteen years of silence between Steven and Kate, the love of his life, end with a cryptic one-word message: Help! A mysterious cult has kidnapped Kate’s teenaged daughter. Steven risks everything to save the young woman, but he’s caught in a fight between forces much larger than he can imagine.

Can he overcome his own demons to save Kate’s daughter, or will they both fall victim to the Devil’s Den?

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Devil’s Dance: A Gripping Supernatural
Thriller (A Nephilim Thriller Book 2)

An amazing new technology engineered to make people smarter,
a series of gruesome murders, and a mystery so dark, it threatens

I’m a Nephilim, born of a fallen angel father and a human mother. This
makes me special in ways I don’t fully comprehend yet.

A war is brewing between angels and demons, and like it or not, we’ll
all have to choose sides. I’ve chosen the side of angels, a curious
decision for me, not only because I’m a killer, but because I enjoy
killing. Still, an angel promised me that redemption is possible—even
for me—and he needed warriors on his side. Did he tell me the truth? I
hope so, but who can I trust?

In a small, sleepy, tourist town, an old friend asks me to help solve a
series of gruesome murders that have been plaguing the town, but these
aren’t just random crimes. Somehow, they’re connected to this war
between angels and demons. I prefer working alone, not having to worry
about others, but I team up with a self-described anti-technology
hooligan, and a beautiful bartender I immediately fall for. If only they
knew what I know. The foe we’re facing is way more powerful than
anything they can imagine.

I must solve the mystery before it’s too late, because I’m certain of
this one thing: everyone’s soul is at stake.

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Jeff Altabef lives in New York with his wife, two daughters, and Charlie the dog. He spends time
volunteering at the writing center in the local community college. After years of being accused of “telling stories,” he thought he would make it
official. He writes in both the thriller and young adult genres.
Fourteenth Colony, a political thriller, was his debut novel. Shatter Point, a thriller, published by Evolved Publishing was his second novel. It won the Pinnacle Book Achievement Award for Best Thrill.

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