The Trouble with Beasts by D. FISCHER


Bestselling and award-winning author D. Fischer is a mother of two very busy boys, a wife to a wonderful husband, and an owner of two sock-loving german shorthairs. Together, they live in Orange City, Iowa.

When D. Fischer isn’t chasing after her children, she spends her time typing like a mad woman while consuming vast amounts of caffeine. Known for the darker side of imagination, she enjoys freeing her creativity through worlds that don’t exist, no matter how much we wish they did.


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1) Who are your favorite authors?
 My favorite authors are Sarah J. Maas, Holly Black, and Connie Suttle. Their imaginations are so wide, bold, and vivid. I fall in love with any story they publish.
2) Do your characters stay with you even when you are not writing?
Oh yes, they certainly do. They’re like my children, and at the most random times/situations, I’ll think, “That’s exactly something (character) would do.”
3) Where can readers find you and your books.
They can find all of my books on my website ( or on Amazon. I do have a few books on Smashwords, but they’re novellas.
4)Anything else you want to share with our guests?
Sure! All of my series connect – I call it the Divinus Kingdom. So though one plot may end in one series, a larger plot opens into the next series. I bridge that divide between all aspects of the Fantasy and Paranormal Romance genres, and use it to guide the stories into a unique magical setting. They truly are a place you can escape to.
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