It Does Not Fit  by M.C.V. EGAN



I used to see things from the perspective that I did not fit in. Be it a certain culture, a group of people, a school, a job, family, I did not fit in. Today, in great part thanks to Astrology, I realize and appreciate that it”  is what does not fit (whatever “it” means to you).

My family is large, and it is easy to see in my first circle, that even in the very same environment, same parents, we were all vastly different. My mom used to blame it on how she raised us; she was sure she had raised eight kids to feel like only children. Actually, what she did do was raise eight completely different people starting by the Sun sign! She and my eldest sibling share the Sun in Scorpio, but aside from that, our dad, and the rest of us, each brand a completely different banner, according to the stars.

Born in a country with a machismo culture to a family of trailblazing, bad ass, fearless women, arguably  my life shows how things eventually come full circle. Might be genetic? Or is it written in the stars? I’ve lived life on my own terms, but until a few decades ago, was guilt riddled. Astrology helped me balance what was mine and what I could/should release.

In my late twenties, early thirties, I plunged head-on into Astrology. I chose Astrology after studying a wide variety of other like-minded subjects. This tool helped me identify strengths in me and conquer hidden aspects if myself.

Astrology at a personal level:

It is a tool that enables at so many levels. My passion and focus is on individual, be it a person or event. We can plot charts for openings, launching products and any event that has a specific, time, place and date.

We are all multi-faceted individuals, with many qualities we use in multiple ways. WE ARE THE FULL CIRCLE!

Astrology starts with a full 360 degree circle. Divided by 12, it gives you 30 degrees of every sign, and that we have—all of us—every sign, every planet, every asteroid. Depending on the place, date, and time we were born, their placement gives us a map into ourselves.

At ⒾⓃⓉⓇⓄⓈⓅⒺⒸⓉⒾⓋⒺ ⓅⓇⒺⓈⓈ, the goal is to provide—in an affordable manner—Natal, Solar, Transits, and Progression Charts with detailed reports.

We also offer a one-on-one half-hour analysis or guidance on your charts.

2 charts are $12 USD (charts have to be for the same individual).

The half hour guidance is $20 USD. You speak uninterrupted for 5 minutes while I take notes, and then I give you my 25 minute input.