The Deadly Game

You Read It Here First

As Lauren and Michael Casey bicycle through Miami’s Coconut Grove, Michael races off while his wife is preoccupied with changing gears. When she gets up to speed, Michael is out of sight. She anticipates he will surprise her by coming up from behind and tapping her on the shoulder. It doesn’t happen. After a fruitless search, she reports him missing. Later that evening, she is mortified when she learns he was murdered.

For our first interview of the new year, we’re pleased to welcome Lynn Sheft, author of the suspense thriller, The Deadly Game.

Interviewer: Christina Hamlett


Q: Tell us a little about your journey as an author. Who or what would you say had the greatest influence in inspiring you to pick up a pen…or put fingers to a keyboard?

A: When I was in eighth grade, I was assigned to write a true story and asked…

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