Molly and Her Monsters

by Caroline Kane Aguiar

Genre: Children’s Picture Book 

Maria Catalina Egan

4.0 out of 5 stars
 Deals with Bullying and Self Love
Reviewed in the United States on February 7, 2022

I loved the Illustrations and Molly is an endearing, beautiful redhead. I did not like the way “Harry” approaches her, in a world where “stranger Danger”; presenting a benign stranger when there is no adult supervision seemed potentially dangerous. If Harry approached when Molly had an adult present, I would have felt the lesson conveyed was better.
There are beautiful pieces to the book and the reader understands that Harry is an angel, I am not sure the age group that would use this book would grasp that without adult guidance.
A teaching tool book, to address bullying due to physical appearance.

Molly and Her Monsters

by Caroline Kane Aguiar

Genre: Children’s Picture Book

Molly is a cute red haired little girl who gets bullied at school because she looks different from the other children. It’s not until she meets a very special friend that she discovers she can put a Stop to the bully if she believes in herself. Find out what happens and how she overcomes this problem.

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Caroline Aguiar lives and writes in Baja California, Mexico where she and her husband own and operate a 2,800 acre guest/bótese ranch.

Caroline has published two short stories, Angel Dogs and Angel Horses. She continues to write for children and is currently working her first young adult fantasy fiction book.

She loves to read, travel, ride horses and write about her adventures.

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The Arsinoëphorus Alliance Series by Jenna O’Malley Genre: Historical Fantasy, Paranormal Romance

Bound by Fate and Blood

The Arsinoëphorus Alliance Book 1

by Jenna O’Malley

Genre: Historical Fantasy, Paranormal Romance

Scottish merchant-for-hire Christian Sinclair longs for solid ground after traveling the Atlantic in the late 1660s under King Charles II’s banner. When he returns to London six months late, his homecoming plans did not include being captured, finding his family dead, or hearing their estate burned to the ground.

Nephtyri, the last of two full-blooded vampires, dreams of Christian’s plight and offers to avenge his murdered family. In exchange, she reveals his parents’ hidden ties to the secretive Hunters’ Guild—slayers and slavers intent on destroying her people.

If the Guild seizes Christian, they will either enslave him against England or enthrone him as their Imperial Lord Hunter. His choices will either save or shatter Nephtyri and the Arsinoëphorus Alliance in the process.

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Bound by Oath and Heart

The Arsinoëphorus Alliance Book 2

Fractured by betrayal at Sancta Terra, the Arsinoëphorus Alliance scatters. The five, remaining Elders split Ian and Nephtyri, not realizing their sunwalker has a new secret to hide. Though the couple can visit one another in dreams, a life apart tests their bond early. A quest to find Ian a weapon to match his powers binds him to his adikous naiha and reveals not all mythical creatures are lost.

Rochelle adapts to a lesser role as Shifei under the pressure of Bjorn’s presence in his halls at Amaranth. With the help of Aryeh and other Elders from afar, they plot to save the Alliance without their new Uran Shifei-ra’s guidance. Suspicious of their actions, Nephtyri heightens the search to free her lost grandmother from the Hunters’ captivity. Allegiances are stressed as the dead walk and the living fight to thrive.

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A Maryland native, Jenna O’Malley lives with her geeky husband and their beloved felines. A long-time anime fan, gamer, metalhead, history lover, and English teacher, she blends contemporary references with fantasy, history, and a dash of romance. The worlds she creates highlight issues across time, including women’s rights, the importance of all voices in leadership, LGBTQIA alliance, mental health awareness, and anti-racism.

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