Flavors of The Caribbean Lined with Murder Mystery

A Review of Mango, Mambo, and Murder; A Caribbean Kitchen Mystery by RAQUEL V.REYES


Mango, Mambo, and Murder; A Caribbean Kitchen Mystery is a most enjoyable read. The main character, Miriam Quiñones-Smith has a fascinating background as a Food Anthropologist. Her knowledge sprinkled through the narrative of the story adds an interesting cultural angle. I love books that teach me a thing or two while they entertain me.

The multicultural multilingual Miami experience is present and believable. I felt like I had driven down to Hialeah; the Spanish phrases, comments added throughout the story are such that non-Spanish speakers will understand through context, and readers may learn a word or two.

Miriam’s growth and transformation as a reader had me cheering for her success and how she learned to stand up to her most unpleasant mother-in-law. There is a nice balance of comically exaggerated and lovely, pleasant examples of characters in every culture represented in the story.

I found myself laughing, cheering, and in a spicy fun cooking mood. I look forward to the next mystery and to reconnecting with Miriam, Alma, and all the other colorful characters in this delightful read.

I bought the book at Murder on the Beach, Mystery Bookstore in Delray Beach, Florida.


Raquel V. Reyes writes stories with Latina characters. Her Cuban-American heritage, Miami, and the Caribbean feature prominently in her work. Raquel is a co-chair for SleuthFest.Learn More about

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