By M.C.V. Egan


A to Z Challenge 2015 was a very fun filled month in which  “April Showers did indeed bring May Flowers.” I made some nice blogger friends, from many parts of the world and discovered some FANTASTIC BLOGS.

To my surprise the vast majority of movies  I came up with were  Science Fiction and I might pick a Sci-Fi theme someday.

At 4covert2overt~ A Place in the Spotlight the theme was;  movies that have impacted me for better or worse. I laughed with some of the films, remembered the first movie I saw when I found out I was pregnant in 1997 (Titanic) and the last movie I saw before I gave birth in 1998 (The Mask of Zorro) . In the horror department it was easy to  remembered a few nightmares. I added the movie trailer for every movie and  in one case the full film was available!

In What’s in a name? I was surprised by the meaning of some of the names and I explained how the meaning of names influences my choices when naming characters. I paid homage to people that are or were important in my life, and I loved the comments of my visitors with their stories… one even said I gave her ideas on how to choose the name of a child she was expecting!

I think next year I will only use one blog, I have four, and I will stick to a HISTORICAL theme, I found  the historical blogs had the posts that I found the most interesting and that sparked great ideas….. UNTIL NEXT APRIL and all the A-Z fun

Maria Catalina Vergara Egan

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