Mother’s Day…. Love it? or hate it?

…. interesting read, roots of the Holiday and to quote the writer/blogger “Today is Mother’s Day and love it or hate it unless you aren’t a Mother or don’t have a Mother you might skip over today like a normal Sunday. I am a Mother and a Grand-Mother and I HATE Mother’s day…” (I happen to love it, but her take was interesting…. HAPPY MOTHER’s day everyone

Kim L Hine

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Today has been a bag of Mixed emotions for me..I’ve been in a remembrance mode, I’ve laughed and I’ve cried, just all of a sudden the tears came and they wouldn’t stop and what made me cry? I was remembering Mother’s Days gone past when my first Mother-in-law used to make such a fuss of us (her daughters and me, her daughter-in-law) we always had a gift from her for Mother’s day and usually a potted plant as well, invariably mine always lacked attention and died.. I’m good at that! But what made me miss her most of all today was something so simple.. her famous carrot cake.. she made it with frosted cream cheese icing and sprinkled chopped walnuts on top. My  then husband her only son, said how much he liked it and after that it was all we ever got… sometimes I was so tired…

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