Reading Is Our Passion (Tracey and Allyson) are extremely grateful for ALL our followers so we decided to do a Celebration Event, FILLED with Authors, Bloggers, Games and Prizes and OF COURSE FUN!

The event will take place on Facebook June 16th-June 19th

If you are interested in joining please let Allyson know so she can get you on the schedule! If you can’t be here but are interesting in donating, she will post on your behalf just send her book covers/banners, buy links, contact info and blurbs!

Schedule: All times are EST

Tuesday June 16th
9:00 am: M.C.V. Egan (Catalina Egan)
10:00 am: Sydney Landon Author
11:00 am: Maggie Adams
12:00 pm: Eden Author Rose
1:00 pm JT Authors
2:00 pm: Linda Covella Author
3:00 pm
4:00 pm Diana Wicker
5:00 pm: Author Isobelle Cate
6:00 pm: Author Gia Riley
7:00 pm : Helen Wiles
8:00 pm: Author Maryann Jordan
9:00 pm: Author Salice Rodgers

June 17th
9:00 am: Terry Spear
10:00 am: Author Jennifer Lowery
11:00 am: Ashleigh Giannoccaro
12:00 pm: Brynette L. Turner, Author
1:00 pm: Ariel Marie
2:00 pm: ML Steinbrunn
3:00 pm: Kyra Dune
4:00 pm: Kristine Cayne
5:00 pm: Dana Delamar
6:00 pm: Katherine Rhodes
7:00 pm: Palessa
8:00 pm: Natalie Alder
9:00 pm: Author L L Collins

June 18th
9:00am: Christine Donovan Author
10:00am: A.D. Ellis- Author
11:00am: Judy Kentrus, Author
12:00pm: Uvi Poznansky
1:00pm: Jennifer Zamora
2:00pm: Elaine May
3:00pm: Emily A. Lawrence
4:00pm: Steph M Phillips
5:00pm: E LR Jones-Author
6:00pm: Terri Lenee Peake
7:00pm: Author K.S. Thomas
8:00pm: Jenna Galicki – Author
9:00pm: Liberty Blake, Author

June 19th
9:00am: Author Jeannette Winters
10:00am: Author Taisha Demay
11:00am: Lori Ryan
12:00pm Donna Michaels Author
1:00pm: Scott Meehan-Stone In A Sling
2:00pm: Author E. H. James
3:00pm: Author Kizzie Darker
4:00pm: P.T. Macias Author
5:00pm: Author-Savannah Morgan
6:00pm: Stephanie John Author
7:00pm: Author Nicole Garcia
8:00pm: A.L. Wood
9:30pm: Dina Littner Author

Terri Hubbard Carle,
Kathleen Brooks,
Jennifer Theriot, Author,
Kay Renee,
Author Felicia Tatum,
Jacqueline Noir,
J.L. Beck,
Christine DePetrillo,
Tanya Vought,
Jim Proctor,
Jeanine Binder – Author,
Nicky Wells (Author),
Mia Dymond,
Marie Astor,
Carlyle Labuschagne,
Maeve Christopher,
Denise Bush/ Spreading The Word,
Alexandrea Weis,
Kathi S. Barton,
Karen Fuller,
Al M. Scott,
Michelle Gwynn,
Donna Jane McDonald,
Author Elle Raven
Jean Oram
Alisa Mullen
PR Mktg Sales: Lisa S blog

With above being said Two of Allyson’s many hats are she is an Independent Consultant for Thirty-One (]) and In Pikle( She will post about these products some and any profits will be used to give away a Kindle or an Amazon Gift Card to one of our Followers!

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