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A Big Thank You to Uvi Poznansky for interviewing me today on her marvellous blog.

For the full feature follow this link: 5758946

Here is an excerpt from the feature:

Can you bring us up to scratch about the series and explain the book titles?

“CONDITIONS” is the story of Charles, a gardener with a (deliberately un-specified) mental illness. At the funeral of his mother family conflicts erupt and his friends take over the role of comforting him, as his surrogate family. Although Charles is the only one with a diagnosed condition, we see how each of the surrounding character also has a ‘little tick’ or ‘condition’.
In “CONDITIONED” these friends reunite at a wedding, one year on. This serves as a snapshot to show how the individual conditions have improved or deteriorated. Some of them are self-made where characters have ‘conditioned’ themselves, for better or for worse.ReconditionedHalf

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