#HURRICANE MATHEW and #IndieBookFest2016


The cone of probability for Hurricane Matthew disrupted some of #IndieBookFest2016.  Some of the featured authors had their flights cancelled . The Associated Press article below captures that far better than I could; after all my niche is fiction.

Inspirational Weekend? Authors Hunker Down Ahead of Matthew by By tamara lush, associated press

The cone threatened both the area where I live; South Florida as well as the Orlando area where the event took place. We were very fortunate but sadly further North and of course in Haiti that was not the case.

I have available free downloads in iBooks for DEFINED by OTHERS  and The Bridge of Deaths; A Love Story and A Mystery. Fell free to contact me via private message on Facebook if you would like one.


In many ways the event was a great success and I will be very ready to sign up for 2017. There was so much to learn, and such generous participants. The Indie Book Community in this event gives all of us a great sense of belonging, my husband has already volunteered to be my assistant next year again, he had that much fun.


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