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Welcome Suzanne. Thank you for taking the time to answer a few questions. I loved your website. I encourage everyone to visit Suzanne @

-What Inspired the book?

Like all my stories, they are inspired by the places I’ve lived. One was a wheat and cattle property where the distinct aroma of cow dung and dust hung constantly in the atmosphere. I had some great times on this property with my four siblings all of whom are brothers’ and I have taken some personality traits and moved them over to my characters. It was fun to write. Living on the edge of the Outback in Australia taught me many things. With my love of our sunburnt land, and my experiences they have transferred over into my stories. Mind you, it is still fiction. 😊
-Which is your favorite character and why?
Although I edge toward the hero, it is Cameron the oldest brother who really shines through the character of my youngest brother. He’s sincere, kind and jokes about somewhat. Cameron is loveable, and just a really nice guy who reflects the decency and family orientated man that he is.
-Do you write in one or several genres? My genres are Romantic Suspense and Rural Romantic Suspense. They are much the same, although I have written a suspense/thriller and contemporary, I’m sticking to Romantic Suspense for the time being. 
Anything else you would like to say?
I’d like to thank you for having me on your site, and understand how busy you’ve been lately. So it’s a huge thank you from me. 😊 I would also like readers to keep an eye out on my blog and website for an upcoming competition to win an Amazon Gift Voucher for $150 Au. Imagine the eBooks you could buy with that. 😊
 Thank you for dropping by and do keep us posted on your fabulous giveaway. Best wishes for the greatest success.

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If there’s a job to be done in the country, Suzanne Brandyn has done it. From mustering stock in the heat of cattle-country, spotlighting for foxes, shooting a rifle, and navigating through the red dust of the outback. Her love of our diverse land, feisty heroines, and the all-important meeting of Mr Right has been delighting readers for years.

You can find out more about Suzanne on her website Romance and Suspense set in remote Australia.