Gods. War. Judgement Day. Novelist Abdur R Mohammed blends ancient myth, religious belief systems, and his deep imagination to create a fantastic new world on the pages of his fiction debut, Rise of Prophecy.

The Age of Virgo ends with an ancient Anuk prophecy looming over the world: peace ushers in prosperity; war brings annihilation. Prince Timon of Atlantis seeks the power of the Anuk star-people to conquer the world, but is challenged by the mysterious Liviana, who attempts to prevent the prophecy from unfolding. She is on a collision course with Alexius, a disgraced noble who inherits a secret from the gods. War is coming. Mortals and gods are in an epic power game in which strength, smarts, and allegiances are tested.

Chapter 19: The Gap of Cora

~ The Gap of Cora ~

It was just four days ago when Alexius ran into Stavos with prince Timon at the underground fight club.  There was nothing out of character with the Commander then, but the next day, there was an anxious way about him.  They made their way to Cappadocia with haste, barely set up camp, and battled the nomad warriors.  Now without rest, they were about to storm what looked like dwellings.

Then there were the physical signs of anguish in Stavos.  His eyes were bloodshot with bags forming under his eyelids.  He was always sweating as if his body was trying to burn out an infection.  He was quick to get angry, and rarely made any sarcastic comments about, anything.  There is something wrong with him, Alexius acknowledges silently.

“Do you know what a nomad child turns into?” Stavos asks, “A warrior!  This is our chance to stamp out the disease, here, now!”

Horror overcomes Alexius, “You’re talking about genocide; mothers, children, families.”

“You’re a fucking soldier!” Stavos points out.  “Those little shits will turn into the dead out there.  Before that, they will wait to slit your noble throat the first chance they get.  Don’t go soft on me now.  Tell you what, you and Deidra can plunder when we are finished.”  Alexius looks at him as if he got caught with his hands in the coffers.  “I know about your exploits.”

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About the Author Abdur R Mohammed is from New York City and currently lives in Virginia Beach, VA. He spent 13 years with the U.S. Navy, serving in F/A-18 fighter squadrons, and travelling the globe where his deep-seated curiosity about mythology and philosophy was further stimulated. Mohammed has degrees in Criminal Justice and Psychology. He is working on Vol. 2 of The Anuk Chronicles while polishing up the screenplay for Vol. 1.

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