The First Secret (Hidden Portals trilogy Book 2)

Some secrets are best left buried.

All Iris ever wanted was to have a peaceful life. Living mostly in
solitude, she found joy in helping young girls accept the beauty of song
and dance. She never expected her visions, inherited from generation to
generation in her family, to take her on a journey where everything
she’s known is in question, including her existence. If she is not a
human witch, then what is she?

Fern spent his entire life trying to do what’s right for his people. The
Fae, banished to their own realm, have been slowly dying but agreeing to
help the deranged king almost costs him his life. Now he must follow a
witch, who isn’t supposed to exist, to the depths of hell. Those like
her were hunted down centuries ago. So, why is he willing to do
anything, to make sure she stays alive?


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