Shattered by Melissa Lummis $.99 and free ebook

Shattered (Of Light and Blood Book

He surrendered his soul to the Devil. She’s the only one who can get it

More than a century ago, Christian Harris gave up everything in a last
desperate attempt to finally have the revenge that had consumed him. The
vampire that turned him promised him wealth, power, and the revenge he
most wanted. But Christian found no satisfaction in his final triumph,
and he wanted nothing more than to disappear into the depths of darkness
and forget everything he hadn’t done right– and everyone he couldn’t

But when he’s brought before his Master and sent on a mission to seduce
Heather Macgregor, he finds himself captive to the untrained red-headed
witch who wakes him to buried longings and something he never expected:
hope. In her bed he finds passion without boundaries and in her heart,
redemption. But Heather also unwittingly provides him with the key to
his Master’s obsession, the Light Walker Loti Dupree.

Now a pawn in a dangerous game, Christian must make an impossible
choice: save the one who saved his soul and condemn the World to
darkness or save the world and forever lose the only love he’s ever

**Fans of the reverse harem genre will love this polyamorous
contemporary romance**

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Paranormal Romance and Fantasy author
Melissa Lummis lives in the mountains of Virginia with her husband and
two kids who are her support system and constant inspiration.

When she’s not manifesting with the moon or mixing up magic, you can
find her cloistered in her Yurt diving into her fantasy world to craft
supernatural heart-stopping and heart-warming adventures for her

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