Myth Takes

by A. Gee 


Rhyme and reason in the Age of Entitlement


Date Published: December 2022


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Whether you carry an encyclopedic knowledge of the Iliad and the Odyssey or think your Ajaxes belong in the cabinet under the sink, you’ll enjoy the sonic feast within these pages, which reexamine the Greek myths with purposeful typos, a nod to modern sensibilities and literate, joyful wordplay.

About the Author

A. Gee has been playing with words since he was little, and has finally been talked into sharing.

As an avid reader of both English and Russian classical literature and poetry — English is his third language — he’s been fascinated by the challenge of creating metrical, rhyming English poetry that wants to escape out of your mouth and be read out loud — think Dr. Seuss meets Chaucer. Well, at least half way.

After publishing a science fiction short in his early twenties, he’d spent the bulk of his career writing code for a living, having created more than 40 video games in the span of a twenty year career in the field, and he continues to enjoy it. But writing poetry has become an increasingly important part of his life.

A happily married grandfather of four with more on the way, he and his wife split their time between New Jersey and Texas.

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The Time Agents by Sam Libraty

Search for the Leon Key

Science Fiction / Time Travel / Parallel Universes

 Date Published: November 26, 2022


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Time Agent Jon Howe:

Born in the 25th century and trained as an agent dedicated to keeping his timeline stable. He is a lone wolf with no emotional ties, that is until he meets Shoshanna. His orders and main goals are to find a way to stop an invasion from another universe and obtain the love of this strange, somewhat angry exotic woman, who for the first time in his life has stirred extreme emotion in him.

He is recruited by the (WQPB) World Quantum Physics and Time Bureau to travel back to 1939 Morocco because scientists from his time have noticed strange events at that time and location. Events that point to an imminent invasion.

He travels to 1939 Casablanca to find a device (The Leon Key: Shaped like a crystal Pyramid the size of a toaster with a 5″ gold ring embedded in the center), that will allow him to cross to a parallel universe. He meets a mysterious dark-haired beauty, Shoshanna, (She’s very fit with straight long black hair and has extraordinary speed and fighting talent. She’s headstrong.) Over the course of the story, they go from not liking each other to falling in love.

He finds out she’s from the other universe and together they get the Leon Key away from the Nazis and cross over to the planet Moorgliss to fight the evil dictator Moogur, who is preparing to invade our universe and take over Earth. The people look just like humans but have extra strength and powers.

Will he get the device from the Nazis, or be defeated by the obsessed dictator who wants Shoshanna for himself?

As the story progresses, we learn that Jon is now stuck in the past, as time travel is currently a one-way ticket. Scientists in Jon’s own time work to enable travel into the future. Will he get home?

About the Author

Sam Libraty was raised in Pittsburgh, PA. Sam was enamored with science fiction from an early age but, because of his work commitments, was unable to start writing until 2020.

 One of the critical moments in his life was meeting Gene Roddenberry, creator of Star Trek, at age 15. After spending the afternoon talking about science fiction, the seeds were planted. Sam knew that someday he would write science fiction.

Sam studied music at Kent State University. After college, he dedicated his life to performing music, but with the birth of his sons Aron and Jonathan Libraty, he changed his career to work in film and television.

Some of his favorite authors and influences are the Deans of science fiction from the 1950s-2020s. Authors such as Robert Heinlein, Arthur C. Clarke, Harlan Ellison, Robert Silverberg, Isaac Asimov, Douglas Adams, Dennis E. Taylor, John Scalzi, and many classic and contemporary writers.

After a long entertainment career, he began writing science fiction in his spare time. His first book, The Time Agents: Search for the Leon Key, was published in 2022.

Sam is currently working on his next novel. Besides writing, he enjoys spending time with his family and friends, listening to music, and reading and watching good science fiction. Sam now lives in Los Angeles, California, with his wife, Tam, and cat, Butters.

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