Far Out

by Khaled Talib

Genre: Thriller 

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Far Out

by Khaled Talib

Genre: Thriller

Screenwriter Blake Deco’ s life is upended when his Hollywood movie-star wife, Goldie Saint Helen, comes out of a coma after a car accident with a makeshift identity. Her lawyers see her condition as an opportunity to swindle her.

“The action is addictive.” – Josie Brown, author of the Housewife Assassin’s Handbook series.

“The twists and turns are shocking and fun and endlessly surprising.” – Haris Orkin, award-winning author of The James Flynn Escapade series.

“In FAR OUT, Khaled Talib weaves together a unique premise, a likable heroine with a 60’s vibe, and a twisty, satisfying narrative to give the reader a fun ride.”

Dennis Palumbo, author of the Daniel Rinaldi mysteries.

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Khaled Talib is a former journalist with local and international exposure. His articles have been published and syndicated to newspapers worldwide, and his short stories have appeared in literary journals and magazines. Khaled is a member of the International Thriller Writers. He resides in Singapore.

He has authored four thrillers since 2014. His next novel, Far Out, will be released in 2024 by Running Wild Press in California.

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Just Shake It Off! 

Children’s Book

by Anh Sphabmixay


Children’s Book

Date Published: January 2023


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Children, like grownups, feel a wide range of complicated emotions.

Children’s social-emotional development, including their capacity for empathy and resilience building, may benefit greatly from adult support as they learn to recognize and constructively express their emotions. Emotions are neither positive nor negative; they just exist. Words are essential for children because they allow them to put names to their experiences and understand their environment.

About the Author

Anh Sphabmixay lives with her family and a Yorkie named Abbie in Colorado. She is a wife and a devoted mother to a lively child who gives her all the motivation she needs. The love of her daughter made her want to write books and share them with everyone. When she’s not looking for a word that rhymes with “love,” she can be found spending time with her daughter, learning a new recipe, and taking way too many pictures of her daughter and dog. She also hopes that her books will make everyone who reads them happy and give them memories they will never forget.

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