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In July of 1999 rushing into a hospital with an 11 month old child was our introduction to ANAPHYLAXIS. Before that I had reported a reaction for which I had my infants severe ECZEMA medication to stop in time. When the pediatrician saw my infant post medication and no longer swollen, he dismissed me as a nervous first time parent. I even began to question if I had imagined how his eyes got so swollen so rapidly… How my inner voice said give him a double dose of ATARAX (hydroxyzine). For the Eczema I seldom used the prescribed medication, resorting more to herbs and oatmeal poultice.

As a student of Astrology I came in contact with  herbalists and healers who guided me how to use prescription medications for my infant in as sparing a dose as possible while taking advantage of far less invasive alternatives. Ironically the above mentioned pediatrician at some point bought his own book on herbs as he saw how my child thrived.

When a child is allergic to what other children eat daily as healthy food, DAIRY, EGGS, TREE NUTS… School lunchrooms, parties, playgrounds become danger zones.
We were fortunate to encounter supportive people who helped us, but there were also parents who complained that they could not have PIZZA PARTIES for the class because of the “Allergic Kid”. Please take the time to learn what LIFE Threatening allergies entail for a child and the parents.

Today our son at 16 years od and he is far healthier. His allergies have diminished but are still considered life threatening. We have hope and are willing to imagine the possibility that he will fully outgrow his allergies. I cannot explain the relief when the doctor voiced that almost 2 years ago. Every summer Austin has a series of blood tests to determine the level of his allergies, as we see the numbers dwindle we also learn of other allergens such as BANANAS!

Our success in protecting our child is thanks to the fact that we had good luck, support systems in place, one such thanks to the American Disabilities Act of 1990 . Sadly we had to ask (pretty much demand) that he be protected by the school system it was NOT readily offered to us.

Our choice was to have only one child, I have met families who have such struggles, juggling one child with severe food allergies while having others that are not allergic.  I cannot even imagine how difficult it must be for parents where even their home is a danger zone!

Food Allergy Research & Education's photo.

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