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In July of 1999 rushing into a hospital with an 11 month old child was our introduction to ANAPHYLAXIS. Before that I had reported a reaction for which I had my infants severe ECZEMA medication to stop in time. When the pediatrician saw my infant post medication and no longer swollen, he dismissed me as a nervous first time parent. I even began to question if I had imagined how his eyes got so swollen so rapidly… How my inner voice said give him a double dose of ATARAX (hydroxyzine). For the Eczema I seldom used the prescribed medication, resorting more to herbs and oatmeal poultice.

As a student of Astrology I came in contact with  herbalists and healers who guided me how to use prescription medications for my infant in as sparing a dose as possible while taking advantage of far less invasive alternatives. Ironically the above mentioned pediatrician at some point bought his own book on herbs as he saw how my child thrived.

When a child is allergic to what other children eat daily as healthy food, DAIRY, EGGS, TREE NUTS… School lunchrooms, parties, playgrounds become danger zones.
We were fortunate to encounter supportive people who helped us, but there were also parents who complained that they could not have PIZZA PARTIES for the class because of the “Allergic Kid”. Please take the time to learn what LIFE Threatening allergies entail for a child and the parents.

Today our son at 16 years od and he is far healthier. His allergies have diminished but are still considered life threatening. We have hope and are willing to imagine the possibility that he will fully outgrow his allergies. I cannot explain the relief when the doctor voiced that almost 2 years ago. Every summer Austin has a series of blood tests to determine the level of his allergies, as we see the numbers dwindle we also learn of other allergens such as BANANAS!

Our success in protecting our child is thanks to the fact that we had good luck, support systems in place, one such thanks to the American Disabilities Act of 1990 . Sadly we had to ask (pretty much demand) that he be protected by the school system it was NOT readily offered to us.

Our choice was to have only one child, I have met families who have such struggles, juggling one child with severe food allergies while having others that are not allergic.  I cannot even imagine how difficult it must be for parents where even their home is a danger zone!

Food Allergy Research & Education's photo.

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Mother’s Day…. Love it? or hate it?

…. interesting read, roots of the Holiday and to quote the writer/blogger “Today is Mother’s Day and love it or hate it unless you aren’t a Mother or don’t have a Mother you might skip over today like a normal Sunday. I am a Mother and a Grand-Mother and I HATE Mother’s day…” (I happen to love it, but her take was interesting…. HAPPY MOTHER’s day everyone

Kim L Hine

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Today has been a bag of Mixed emotions for me..I’ve been in a remembrance mode, I’ve laughed and I’ve cried, just all of a sudden the tears came and they wouldn’t stop and what made me cry? I was remembering Mother’s Days gone past when my first Mother-in-law used to make such a fuss of us (her daughters and me, her daughter-in-law) we always had a gift from her for Mother’s day and usually a potted plant as well, invariably mine always lacked attention and died.. I’m good at that! But what made me miss her most of all today was something so simple.. her famous carrot cake.. she made it with frosted cream cheese icing and sprinkled chopped walnuts on top. My  then husband her only son, said how much he liked it and after that it was all we ever got… sometimes I was so tired…

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By M.C.V. Egan


A to Z Challenge 2015 was a very fun filled month in which  “April Showers did indeed bring May Flowers.” I made some nice blogger friends, from many parts of the world and discovered some FANTASTIC BLOGS.

To my surprise the vast majority of movies  I came up with were  Science Fiction and I might pick a Sci-Fi theme someday.

At 4covert2overt~ A Place in the Spotlight the theme was;  movies that have impacted me for better or worse. I laughed with some of the films, remembered the first movie I saw when I found out I was pregnant in 1997 (Titanic) and the last movie I saw before I gave birth in 1998 (The Mask of Zorro) . In the horror department it was easy to  remembered a few nightmares. I added the movie trailer for every movie and  in one case the full film was available!

In What’s in a name? I was surprised by the meaning of some of the names and I explained how the meaning of names influences my choices when naming characters. I paid homage to people that are or were important in my life, and I loved the comments of my visitors with their stories… one even said I gave her ideas on how to choose the name of a child she was expecting!

I think next year I will only use one blog, I have four, and I will stick to a HISTORICAL theme, I found  the historical blogs had the posts that I found the most interesting and that sparked great ideas….. UNTIL NEXT APRIL and all the A-Z fun

Maria Catalina Vergara Egan

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Russell Bittner’s Trompe-l’oeil was described by the readers as “sexy and sophisticated read”, “a fascinating mixture of sensuality and romanticism”, “prose as its best”. The book gathered nice 4.5 average Amazon stars from 39 reviews. Our next guest’s prose publications have appeared over the years in journals/magazines. Lets welcome in Land of Books Mr. Russell Bittner.


Hey There Space Cadet

One of my wonderful finds whilst Blogging with #AtoZchallenge2015

Pax Asteriae 3D

Having scraped through Blogging A-Z with 24 stories, one very time-consuming Poser 2014 render and one hiatus post because I couldn’t see out of one eye, I now have more time to dedicate to retexturing the Ruby outfit.

With that in mind, I have a progress update!  Of sorts.

sideonUnlike the last one, this is not a vanity shot by any means.  I take these on a (depressingly) regular basis to work out how my seams are going (perils of using Photoshop) and to make sure nothing horrific has happened between PS and Poser, like the time I accidentally moved part of the texture halfway down the map and didn’t notice.  It has depth on it… but only because I keep forgetting to turn it off in the render menu, so it’s actually quicker to position the guide.  …I am so lazy, I know.

Now… I think I have…

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