A Mermaid Tale – Complete Series Book Blast – Pauline Creeden

Stay for love or return to the sea?

When Verona choses to stay on land to be with the one she loves, she has
no idea how much her life is about to change. It’s the full moon and
another of the Mer is coming ashore. She never imagined Bailey would
come after her…

Logan’s suffering big changes of his own. His grandmother is
hospitalized with a terminal illness. The woman he loves is something he
never would have thought possible… a mermaid. But he has new competition
for her feelings in the form of a merman. And there’s another, bigger
problem surfacing. His body is undergoing changes he can barely
comprehend. Now, he can’t get the witch’s voice out of his head.

Another full moon approaches… And the witch wants to take lives, break
hearts, and enslave Logan. Will they be able to stop the witch, or will
it mean Verona will have to give up everything she loves and return to
the sea?

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the series

Pauline Creeden is USA Today
Bestselling and award-winning author of inventive and inspirational
stories, entwining real-world problems with fantasy characters. She
spends most of her day caring for the many animals around the horse farm
and mentoring kids in horsemanship. Still, she finds time to play
Pokemon and binge on Kdramas.

Her debut novel, Sanctuary, won 1st Place Christian YA Title 2013 Dante
Rosetti Award and 2014 Reader’s Choice Gold Award for Best YA Horror
Novel. Chronicles of Steele Raven won the 2015 Grace Award and IndieBrag
Medallion. Unshaken hit #22 on the USA Today Bestseller list as a part
of the Murder and Mayhem Limited edition Boxed set in November 2017.
Caught in the Current hit #89 on the USA Today Bestseller list as part
of the Sirens & Scales Boxed set in January 2018. Last Escape hit
#149 on the USA Today Bestseller list as part of the Empires of Shadow
and Ash boxed set in June 2018. Of Water and Blood hit #107 on the USA
Today Bestseller list as a part of the Shades of Fae boxed set in July

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