The third installment of the Of Light and Blood and saga is up on Amazon for pre-order!

The third installment of the Of Light and Blood and saga is up on Amazon
for pre-order!

It’s only 99 cents until release day, December 12, 2019

HERE~>Illuminated to preorder your copy.


Their past holds the key…

From the moment Loti Dupree and Wolf Arrighi arrive at their
not-so-quaint hotel, they sense something timeworn and awful pulsing
inside its walls. It’s not the cockroaches or the old, dirty linens.
It’s not the unkempt room or the mite-ridden parrots in the lobby. It’s
something far more sinister, some lingering evil crossing time and

Somewhere, sometime in the depths of the strange, otherworldly hotel is
something too ghastly to be witnessed. Buried in the dark recesses is an
unspeakable horror they must bring to the light– and a connection to
their past that can help them save everything and everyone they love.

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Read books 1 & 2 (Also on Kindle Unlimited)

About Melissa

Paranormal Romance and Fantasy author Melissa Lummis lives in the
mountains of Virginia with her husband and two kids who are her support
system and constant inspiration.

When she’s not manifesting with the moon or mixing up magic, you can
find her cloistered in her Yurt diving into her fantasy world to craft
supernatural heart-stopping and heart-warming adventures for her

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