© M.C.V. Egan

When you Google the word PSYCHOMETRY, the definition is not nice, downright condescending. It is defined as the supposed ability to discover facts about an event or
person by touching inanimate objects associated with them.
When I chose this as one of my guest post topics for this tour, I had no idea it was controversial today. I know psychics who say that they do not need an object to tap into past energies. As a matter of fact, in my quest, I was turned down by several who said it was not their gift.
As I researched traditionally, through archives in Denmark, England, and online, my limitations as one not trained to be a historian were vast. I owned my grandfather’s watch
that had gone down with him on August 15th, 1939. Another smaller, simpler square watch my family assumed it belonged to the other Standard Oil of New Jersey gentleman
traveling with my grandfather, Cesar Agustin Castillo. Five men were reported dead, and the Pilot survived and lived until 1979. This research led to my book The Bridge of
Deaths I had nothing to lose and had already had experiences that cemented my belief in various psychic abilities. Of the several psychics who held said watches, I will share two
stories one a male psychic, who did his readings out of a New Age Store in Boca Raton, and another who worked in the back of a florist, also in Boca Raton, Florida.
The gentleman was overly sensitive, and I handed him the damaged pocket watch with no warning. He described an enclosed environment with small windows and an
uncomfortable seat. He said, “I see letters outside the window.” The psychic then began to trace with his index finger as he said, “GA.” I felt an emotional impact I cannot
describe. On one of the wings of the Lockheed Electra 10-A that my grandfather met his end had the letter G-A the aviation call sign for British Airways LTD, it is not the
aviation call sign for BOAC today. After that, he started complaining that the smoke made it hard to breathe, and I had to move quickly as he almost fainted on me, as I said,
overly sensitive.
The other example, the lady who also closed her eyes and with her index finger traced the silhouette of Storstrømsbroen, the Danish bridge by which the British Airways, LTD
plane fell into the water. It was pulled out the following day.
The second watch I will not describe in detail, but every psychic has, with no previous information and well before we knew everything online, described to perfection,
including age, attire, and looks, another of the men whose life ended that day.
Google may well call it “the supposed” a farce, but psychometry is a gift in my experience.

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