A Gathering of Dwarfs


This book will appeal to fans of Terry Pratchett’s Discworld Sagas.”

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Dead Dragons Gold – Book 1 – A Gathering of Dwarfs

Not every Fairy Tale ends happily for all…

A dauntless young hero.

An impossible quest.

A Hunt for Dead Dragons Gold…

We all know Snow White lived happily ever after, but what happened to the seven dwarfs?
When their diamond mine becomes choked with the barbed roots of the thorny hedge the wicked queen erected around their land the dwarfs are forced to split up and survive using their various talents of Assassin, Thief, Bounty Hunter, Medicus, Pirate, Inventor and Priest.

After many years their lives change with the appearance of an unlikely young adventurer whose plan is to plunder the treasure hoards of the many long dead dragons. However, to achieve this he needs the foremost book on dragons containing a map depicting every location of the deceased dragons lairs. A snag in his plan is only one copy of this book exists, and it’s in possession of the wicked queen who was not killed as the popular story would have everyone believe but is very much alive. Banished to the top of a lonely mountain she will only relinquish her ownership of the book if he can set her free.

All he has to do is track down the seven dwarfs scattered across the kingdom and convince them to persuade the wizard to lift the curse from the one they most hate. It will be a far from easy task.

For the first time, the fate of the seven dwarfs is revealed in an exciting, original story of heroic adventure, strange lands, terrifying creatures, death, dangerous deeds and dead dragons gold that takes place ten years after Snow White leaves with her not so charming prince.

A fantasy adventure about what happens when someone who isn’t destined to be a hero slaps fate around the face and tries to be one anyway.

*** This book was previously named Prelude to Adventure ***

“An exciting humorous fantasy adventure which reveals what happened to the 7 dwarfs after Prince Charming had claimed Snow White as his bride.”

“A dark fantasy tale interjected with humour interwoven in an original plot that will change your view of Snow White’s seven dwarfs.”

“If you like your fantasy stories full of originality and humour, this is the book for you and one for Pratchett fans of all ages. Highly recommended.”