Symbiosis is the story of a mentally unstable individual living in a totalitarian regime, in the future, where a single company has taken control of the world. He is secluded to his personal life, and stays away from people, partly by design, and partly because he is socially unfit to have friends–due to his condition.

The story talks about how companies in today’s world are constantly growing into multi-million (billion) dollar enterprises, and how the middle class has entirely diminished. It talks about the new extreme heights of wealth, and ever increasing amounts of poverty. It is unstable–the system–and this novella is a political dystopian, which plays on that fact.

It is often when individuals are consumed with their daily lives, that they miss the camouflaged world beneath their feet. Ohm, a mentally unstable lower-class worker, has always considered himself ‘normal’, yet he always feels as if he lacks a purpose in life. Unlike the others, Ohm is unsatisfied with his life, and sees himself as a small cog in the totalitarian machine overseeing his life. His curious nature leads him to The Brotherhood, a secret organization dedicated to changing the regime. Ohm is caught in the middle of a war he was previously unaware of, and his life now depends on his ability to keep a secret. Symbiosis’ pages practically turn themselves, leaving the readers questioning their own sanity.

Tevis Shkodra was born on July, 6th 1994 in the small town of Elbasan, in the Eastern-European mediterranean country of Albania. He currently lives in Oakville, ON with his family, and is currently undertaking his Undergraduate Bachelor of Arts in International Studies and Business Administration. The inspiration for his first novella Symbiosis arose from his humanitarian travels in Costa Rica, where he worked at an orphanage, and as an English teacher. Other inspirations were his love of dystopian stories, and his family’s past, under a communist regime.

YOUR CHAKRAS and YOU by John Capello


New Age / Self Help
Date Published: July 2015
This recording is a meditation to cleanse the Chakras. The relaxing narration guides the listener to gently dwell on each Chakra area and visualize each of them. Focusing and sending healing energy to each Chakra allows them to function normally.
This meditation was developed because there is a need to understand the Chakras and the importance of the energy they control in each person. These energy center can become under or over emphasized in life due to stress and tension. When they are not functioning in a normal manner they can cause emotional, spiritual and physical discomfort. The narration in this meditation is designed to assist in relaxing and creating an atmosphere for healing.
About the Author

John Cappello is an internationally renowned psychic medium from the North Texas area. He has been working in the area of evidential mediumship since 1997 and gives comfort and validation to those suffering from the loss of a loved one. He has demonstrated his work on many radio and television programs and has appeared on America’s Spookiest Homes on the HGTV Network. John travels around the country appearing at various metaphysical outlets providing workshops, public demonstrations and private readings.
He is certified as an “authentic” psychic medium by the American Federation of Certified Psychics and Mediums. He is an internet radio talk show host for the program Beyond Metaphysics on the Inception Radio Network and author of the award winning book, Open the Mind Exercise the Soul. The book has been recognized as a finalist in the adult non-fiction category at the North Texas Book Festival in 2013, the winner of the New Age category for the 2013 Next Generation Indie Book Awards, a finalist in the New Age category at the International Book Awards in 2013 and was a finalist in the New Age category at the USA Best Books Awards in 2013. It was the most awarded psychic development book in 2013 in the United States.
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