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At the brink of WW II, a British plane crashed and sunk in Danish waters; five deaths were reported: An English Member of Parliament, two Standard Oil of New Jersey executives, a German Corporate Lawyer, and a crew member. An extensive twenty years search through conventional and unconventional resources weaves a fictional narrative with historical data to reveal all five men were far more than they appeared to be.

A few more twitter tips


Following the unexpected success of my post on twitter her are a few more tips.


Pictures are a great tool to express your messages. However, please use only pictures you have the copyright for. Make sure you really do. Some purchased or free pictures from sales sites and libraries are still limited in their usage via small print. Esp. celebrity pictures.
Vindictive publishers and celebrities have gone after blogs and tweeters for using their images and sued them.


Don’t use more than three hashtags as per twitter best practice.
Even if twitter were not after the excess hashtag users, they look dreadful. When I see a tweet like this:road-sign-464656_1280

#UK #US #Kindle #Free #book #France #romance #hot #bookbost #amreading #author #gay #lgtb owly.biuywe

I am neither tempted to check out the link, nor to re-tweet. Without text and a message dominating the tweet it is confusing…

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