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I just love cooking with citrus fruits not only are they healthy but they add such a lovely zing to a dish don’t you think?

Today my dishes includes either Orange or Lemon and when I was thinking about this and don’t ask why because I haven’t a clue my brain just wanders at times and goes off on a tangent.

But the Children’s Nursery rhyme Oranges and Lemons, said the bells of St.Clements sprung to mind…Who remembers that? We used to play that game at parties and in the school playground…Did you?

Today I give you a recipe which was originally given to me by my friend Mamik who comes from Indonesia… she makes the most awesome Beef Rendang which I will share with you another day…

These chicken skewers are lovely and moist and making them on lemon grass skewers just enhances that lovely lemon flavour.

Lemon grass…

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I HAVE HAD SEVERAL ASTROLOGY READINGS by Joan Porte, I highly recommend her.

Understanding Your Karmic Journey

JOAN PORTE  recently had the honor to present a one hour mini class with Evolutionary Astrology Zoom Meetings on how to use astrology to find true fulfillment and get the most out of this lifetime. 

It is so important to know where your South Node, the indicator of your karmic past, and North Node, current soul’s desire, reside in your chart. By using the positive energy from previous lives to catapult you into new learning and experiences, you will open yourself up to a more satisfying journey. 

In this video I go through each South Node/North Node axis to give an overview of how each can play out in a chart. 
I hope you will enjoy this review and use it to get to know more about how you can open yourself up to all life has to offer.

FIND JOAN @  JOAN PORTE ~ Evolutionary Astrology

Smorgasbord Health Column – Just Food For Health – Nutrients we need – Vitamin A Deficiency and the Skin

Smorgasbord Blog Magazine

It is two years since I posted the series on the nutrients we need in our daily diet to maintain our health.  Each week I will explore a different nutrient and and best sources to ensure that you receive sufficient amounts in your diet. I hope that even if you remember the series from two years ago that you will still find interesting.

The body has evolved over many thousands of years to process food precisely to extract the nutrients it contains. There is a delicate eco-system within our bodies that requires that precision when it comes to maintaining a healthy balance. The systems that process our food are unable to extract these essential nutrients from industrially produced foods, however many vitamins and minerals have been added during the production process.

When the body does not receive the nutrients in the right format, ill-health results including cancer, chronic auto-immune…

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“Hitchcock would love this!” – Review of my adventure thriller “African August”


I’ve been so busy with other writer’s books of late, it’s been a pleasant surprise to find this incredibly complimentary review of one of my own on Amazon:

The structure and pace of this book reminded me of a Hitchcock movie, where the characters immediately draw you in, yet its seemingly innocent atmosphere is just a precursor to dark things to come. Billy, taking a break from his unfulfilling city life, decides that traveling to exotic Africa is the perfect answer. It is there that he meets up with other tourists staying at a small peaceful retreat, surrounded by well-described lush landscapes and serene animals. Campfire discussions at night may reveal differing philosophies and personality issues, but basically, all is serene.
Then comes a shift. A nearby village is overtaken by rebels and suddenly there’s a good chance that they, too…

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The Gorilla Picked Me

Children’s Picture Book
Date Published: Spring 2018
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Olive felt ordinary. Always last to be picked for teams at recess and never a Valentine placed on her desk. Olive blended in. Until one day at a daddy-daughter dance, the dancing gorilla picked her from the crowd!
He scooped her up and twirled her around the dance floor. Olive’s soul sang! THE GORILLA PICKED ME is a fun, sentimental story that reminds little girls that they are all worthy of attention.  No little girl is ordinary! 
About the Author

Michele McAvoy is an award-winning children’s picture book author. Her debut picture book MY SUPERHERO GRANDPA received a 2016 Moonbeam Children’s Book Award. Michele grew up in a small town in northern New Jersey until she moved to New York City where she attended NYU and law school. Michele enjoyed the crazy, busy, single life of New York for over 15 years until she got married and had her first child.
With a small one bedroom apartment and a baby that did not sleep, Michele moved back to her small hometown. She settled back to her roots and traded in the noisy city streets of NY and extra dirty martinis at trendy bars for manicured lawns and backyard BBQs. When she’s not being a lawyer or a mom, Michele writes uplifting, whimsical stories to help children understand and respect their emotions. You can see more about Michele and her books at
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