A is for Anne , Amanda and Allison……

A (2)

What is in a name? That is the theme of Defining Ways A-Z 2015 Challenge. Some of the names will be names from my writing, others from my life, and some, names I simply love.

Best wishes to everyone with the A-Z challenge and a HUGE thanks to those who facilitate it for us .

For the letter A I had to pick three characters from DEFINED BY OTHERS  .  I used the letter A for three first names, In my notes and planning for the book I called them the TRIPLE A’s. The were highcshool friends and that united them  a sort of clique. That  never made it to the book, but the nuance of what they shared as teens resonates throughout the story..

I like to play with names and look up their meanings , I sometimes choose a name because it makes sense in meaning, like a Peaceful gal could be Olivia, but often I chose the name because of the irony, because the character is the absolute opposite.

With my triple A bunch the character AMANDA is bitter, vengeful, and pretty evil yet Amanda means worthy of love, Anne succumbs to Amanda’s manipulation (from the grave) and so she behaves far from the meaning of the name  gracious. Allison means honest and the character I created is anything but.

When you are writing how do you chose the name of your characters?

Comments welcome and again best of luck to all participating in A-Z.