FIRST WEEK of A to Z What’s in a Name

The DEFINED by OTHERS TOUR from March 26 to April 4th ended yesterday. A Big thanks to all the hosts and b00k r3vi3w Tours. If you want to visit any of the stops, including character interviews, Top Ten lists, author interviews , reviews and spotlights visit below. and just scroll down for the A-Z names I chose.


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“D” is for DAVID

D (2)

There are many names that begin with D that I happen to like. I seem to have great Karma with women who have the name Debbie or Deborah, which means honey Bee. I like the name Damian, even if the Omen was a movie that made my skin crawl and gave me a few nightmares in my teens (the original version,  yes, I am that old) .  Dennis which means lover of wine  could have  been a fun choice. Despite  that I chose DAVID it means beloved or friend, but to me it means HERO.

david (2)

DAVID and Goliath 1545 by Titan  source ARTINTHEPICTURE.COM

As a child I was raised with many biblical stories and  DAVID and GOLIATH  was one of my favorites. The idea that with wits and courage, and of course as a Catholic in those days with God on my side I could topple a giant was fascinating to me. It was a story that gave me a foundation to believe that there was something inside of me, of everyone, that could  possibly be powerful and heroic.

Many Stories impacted me as a child growing up, and not all were necessarily religious, Mexican Folklore, or frankly international as my parents traveled quite a bit and  surrounded us with books and tales from many countries. I was also surrounded with books of tales like The Grimm Brother’s, Aesop’s Fables and of course impacted by Disney movies like Snow White and Mary Poppins. The art of story telling in my opinion is one that transcends and in many ways helps us all shape our character.

As a parent I tried hard to find a wide variety of stories for my son and to discuss what was important and made them special, he is now a teen, but we can still discuss books and movies in such a fun way from which both of us learn.

What stories whether Disney Movies, favorite children’s books Aesop’s Fables, your own folklore, religious impacted you?