W is for WANDA

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In the course of marketing my work in cyberspace, I have made many friends. My friend WANDA is one I treasure immensely, she is from Pretoria, South Africa and has managed to unite so many writers and readers throughout the world.  She runs a group aptly called Wanda’s amazing Amazon reviewers (WaAr) in which she has made a huge difference in many of our lives. She writes as well, with great passion, feeling and depth, How could I choose anything else for W?

I enjoy working with Wanda as much as our fun private chats, she is a true friend, one for whom I have felt happiness and sadness, laughed with and had very deep conversations with, she is a fantastic editor and will not mince words when criticism is needed… not a Vandal or a Wanderer as the name seems to suggest.

 … as a girl’s name is pronounced WAHN-dah. It is of Slavic origin, and the meaning of Wanda is “the tribe of the Vandals”. The Vandals (or Wendlas) were an ancient Slavonic tribe whose destructive behavior led to the modern term “vandalism”. Also possibly (Old German) “wanderer“.
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Have you made special Cyber connections that you know are so much more than social media?