“C” is for CATALINA

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I love my given name CATALINA , I was christened Maria Catalina and I love the names on their own or combined. CATALINA means PURE. Maria can mean bitter  or bitter sea and I am a very happy go lucky person, perhaps that is why when I write I often create characters whose names have meanings that are the very opposite of their personality.

When I was researching THE BRIDGE OF DEATHS  the name CATALINA was very helpful to me. The book revolves around a real 1939 plane crash and I had to visit archives and museums related to aviation. The aviation archivists and curators who were so kind to help me often asked; “Were you named after the Seaplane?”  Sometimes  they introduced me as the woman named after a sort of aircraft.

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(images harvested through BING and credited to BBC)

My name was my paternal grandmother’s and had absolutely nothing to do with the seaplane, but I certainly thank my lucky stars that it opened doors for me when I needed it.

What does your name mean? Is it you or the opposite of you?  There are many name sites I like to use this one

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