“B” is for BERTHA #BloggingfromAtoZ

B (2)

I love the name Bertha and it means bright. I was born unto a very large family. My immediate family was composed of two parents and eight kids. We were the only large family amongst all out relatives. I had two uncles and three aunts. My favorite aunt was BERTHA, and she was a bright beautiful beacon of light. She was beautiful at any age and her personality was timeless.


She was the mother of my two favorite cousins and their home was a magical place. It was as much magical because it was a huge and beautiful home as it was because you could just feel the love and light in it.

She has a careful beauty, she was the type of lady who took great care in her appearance and she sported very feminine girly looks . I loved visiting her home and  to this day if I ever eat any meat, but especially chicken  prepared  alla Milanese I can close my eyes and feel her nearby,

Did you have a favorite Auntie growing up? What was she like? Or maybe you are super lucky and still have your favorite auntie around.