“B” is for BERTHA #BloggingfromAtoZ

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I love the name Bertha and it means bright. I was born unto a very large family. My immediate family was composed of two parents and eight kids. We were the only large family amongst all out relatives. I had two uncles and three aunts. My favorite aunt was BERTHA, and she was a bright beautiful beacon of light. She was beautiful at any age and her personality was timeless.


She was the mother of my two favorite cousins and their home was a magical place. It was as much magical because it was a huge and beautiful home as it was because you could just feel the love and light in it.

She has a careful beauty, she was the type of lady who took great care in her appearance and she sported very feminine girly looks . I loved visiting her home and  to this day if I ever eat any meat, but especially chicken  prepared  alla Milanese I can close my eyes and feel her nearby,

Did you have a favorite Auntie growing up? What was she like? Or maybe you are super lucky and still have your favorite auntie around.

17 thoughts on ““B” is for BERTHA #BloggingfromAtoZ

  1. What a lovely tribute. I, too, have a favorite “B” auntie — my husband’s Aunt Belle. She passed away a number of years ago, but she was beautiful inside and out. Back in the 1930’s she had a managerial job with BVD (a men’s underwear company) in the Empire State Building, but she was forbidden to tell anyone she was married while she worked there. (a married woman had a husband who was supposed to be supporting her — she was taking a job away from a man who needed to support a family) She had to remove her wedding band every morning before work. Even in her 90’s she was the most “modern” woman I have ever known.


  2. I don’t think I’ve ever met a Bertha. I like that it means “bright”. It’s very pretty. I don’t think I have a favorite aunt, but I’m glad they’re both still around 🙂


  3. She sounds like a wonderful lady. It’s so great that you have such wonderful memories of her. My aunts lived far from me, so I was never close to them. My closest relationships were with my grandparents.


  4. I love this post :”) I can totally relate, I lost my uncle some years ago and I still feel him close some times, it’s amazing how your aunt was given the perfect name. “Bertha” is a special name indeed. You were lucky to have known her.
    “Haneen/I Will Never Give you Up (479)”

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  5. Yes my favourite Aunt was my Mum’s youngest sister so closest in age to myself so it was really like having an older sister. We used to get to go out with her and do exciting things none of the other grown-ups would do!! A great A to Z post – many thanks 🙂


  6. What a great Tribute to Aunt Bertha, my favourite Aunty was Aunty Shirley, she lived on a farm about three hours drive from us and my parents kept a caravan on her house block, so that we could go up and visit whenever we wanted to. I was lucky enough to spend the school holidays with Aunty Shirley and get to collect the eggs with her and feed the chooks and ducks. As I got older she taught me to crochet Granny squares and bake sponge cakes using suck eggs because they made the sponges lighter and rise more, she even taught me to make lamingtons. I also learnt about vegetable gardening and was allowed to pick the vegetables as they matured. I sure do miss Aunty Shirley!


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