Beauty Of Fear

Beauty Of Fear

The First One died to pique her interest,
The Second to touch her soul.
The Third One died to steal her peace,
The Fourth makes Fear, his goal.

Violence leaves a stain on your soul, and the fear that accompanies that violence can never be removed. It can be hidden, shadowed, and put away, but throw in just the right set of circumstances and it will blossom once again.
Leigh Ramirez has been through a lot in her short life: an abusive husband, raising two kids on her own, and two near death experiences on the job. All she wants now is to get back to a sense of normalcy, in her life and at work. She wants to move on from all that’s happened to her. It was her decision to leave police work and put that life behind her, but when a young girl is found dead in a local park with something of Leigh’s in her hand, Leigh is lured back into the world she left behind.
Someone wants Leigh to experience the beauty of fear. They want her to live it, feel it, and breathe it.
As young women continue to turn up dead, their resemblance to Leigh is lost on no one, least of all her. Each victim found takes a piece of her soul, steals more of her peace. It doesn’t take long for Leigh to realize that this can have only one end. Even while her friends try to protect her, Leigh refuses to go into hiding and is ultimately forced to face her greatest fear, as it threatens both her children’s lives and her own.   AMAZON UK and AMAZON .

In Her Own words
L.E. PerezHmmm…What to say…
Born and raised in New York City, moved to Scranton to raise my kids and once they were teenagers, moved to Northern Virginia. Now? Enjoying the warmth in Orlando with my honey.

Other than that, I guess I’m a lot like my character Leigh. I’ve worked corrections, probation, not police…I’ve done a little of everything. I’m a second degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do and keep my hair short for reasons of my own. I’ve been writing and daydreaming forever but fear, lack of confidence, life, gave me every excuse not to finish my work. And along came FanFiction. I found a place where I could let my imagination run wild, reading and writing, which resulted in me picking up my manuscript, dusting it off and reworking the darn thing. Somewhere along the way I fell in love with my characters so I kind of let them write themselves. And they did. Now you all get to meet the folks in my Fear series.

Me? I write, all the time. In line at Walmart, at the amusement park, in the bathroom…yep the bathroom, thank goodness for smartphones. So expect lots more from me…soon!


Dear Lorna

Dear Lorna

Pain reminds us that we breathe
Angst reminds us why we cry
Loss reminds us what we yearn for
Love is why we don’t die.
Love is a funny thing. Sometimes only tragedy can bring it to light. Sky and Lorna are best friends. Working together has had its ups a downs especially when one is in law enforcement. A misunderstanding and betrayal threatens to destroy a friendship based on years of love and understanding. What happens when the worst happens? Can love bring you back? Can you ever be who you were or is the love you suddenly discover doomed to fall silent?AMAZOM UK

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