Dark Romance – Claudio – A Dark Mafia Hate Story by Ginger Talbot

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Heather: Claudio Abruzzi. His name is spoken in
whispers, as if saying it aloud might summon the devil himself to
appear. He’s a cruel, sadistic enforcer. Ruthlessly loyal to his boss.
And my new husband. The last time I came to him for help, he laughed at
me – and threw me out on the street. This time, he was the one who came
to me, to make an offer I couldn’t refuse: marry him, or bury my only
brother. Or rather, what’s left of him, after Claudio finishes with him.
What Claudio asks of me every night is sick, and wrong – so why do I
find myself starting to crave it? Why, when I have the chance to escape,
do I find myself hesitating?

Claudio: I swore a blood oath to Diego, but what he’s
asking of me might test that loyalty past its breaking point. He wants
me to dial back on the crazy and show the Family that I’m stable enough
to be his right hand man. And to prove it – I need to get married. Yeah,
there’s one girl who’s been haunting my dreams from the day she came
crawling to me. That’s exactly why I need to stay the f#@! away from
her. My desires are dark and twisted. They’ll break her. Ruin her. And
out of all the people I’ve met in my life, she’s the one I least want to

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